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2019 Social Impact Partnership Sales Cycle Survey 

Over the past 5 years, For Momentum has conducted surveys of nonprofit cause and CSR partnership professionals to gather data about factors that influence social impact partnership sales cycles. Our goal in conducting this updated body of research is to gather data and benchmarking information to equip practitioners with data information and insights that will foster improved strategic planning and, ultimately, stronger cause alliances. 

In the following pages of this report, you will find data to help your team:

  • Bolster partnership strategies development including vital factors that impact sales timelines, prospect strength, decision-maker insights, variables
  • Access an industry-wide benchmark resourcefor nonprofit professionals to benchmark and set partnership sales cycle expectations with staff and volunteer leadership and other key stakeholders.
  • Better understand nonprofit partnership sales experts to identify marketplace variables that influence their ability to secure commitments.
  • Deepen the understanding of the range of factors affecting partnerships with corporations at the different stages of the development cycle.
  • Compare historical data from past surveys to gain a better understanding of changes and trends over the last five years, and help practitioners understand and plan for the factors influencing partnership decisions.

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