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Brands Taking Stands: Curated Stories On Corporate Partner Impact

More and more companies are putting purpose before profits and taking a leadership role to solve problems through social and political activism.
The numbers are now supporting what we have seen happening in cause marketing over the last two years: 80% of CEOs believe that demonstrating a commitment to purpose is a differentiator in their industry, according to an Accenture-UN Global Compact CEO studyTwo-thirds are increasing their investments in CSR, according to a PwC Global CEO survey.

Another recent study by HBR found that, “most companies did not see a sustained rise or drop in stock price following their CEO’s public statement.” As a social impact agency, we are curious to know what drives a company to speak out about a particular issue. Do consumers or employees expect them to take action? What about the impact on communities where they are located? In this deck, you will learn what the cause related research says about companies taking a stand and see firsthand examples of how companies have chosen to speak out on important social issues that align with their brand’s values and mission.

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