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Cause Marketing 101 On-Demand Webinar Series

Cause Marketing 101 SupercourseJoin For Momentum and Engage for Good on the superhighway to cause marketing success!

Whether you’re just starting your engines or you’re ready to ramp up your cause marketing efforts, this Cause Marketing 101 Supercourse is the fastest route to creating corporate and social impact.

Over the course of three recorded sessions, you’ll learn everything you need to know about corporate social impact initiatives (cause marketing) from research to trends, regulations to best practices. Rich with case examples that will paint a vivid picture of the many ways companies and causes can do well by doing good together, at the end of this Supercourse, you’ll leave with the confidence you need to get started or get going!

Whether you approach building the better world and the bottom line from the corporate or cause perspective, this Supercourse is for you.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn:

•    The benefits of cause marketing for accelerating performance and results
•    The latest trends in corporate social responsibility and cause alliances
•    Compelling case studies to help spark your imagination and ideation
•    How to find, attract and maintain the right strategic partner for you
•    The rules of the road to insure that your cause efforts comply with important industry regulations

You will receive:

Full-Throttle Content: Three, 1-hour sessions jam-packed with must-know cause marketing basics from an expert

Driver’s Seat Maneuverability: Delivered via webinar, you can watch these recorded sessions when it fits your schedule

Economy-Class Simplicity: A mere 3 hours out of your busy schedule will position you to zoom past the competition

Valuable Roadmap: We guarantee you’ll reference the Cause Marketing 101 Supercourse materials again and again, whether you’re pitching concepts to potential partners or your C-Suite.

This recorded webinar is $295 for individuals or $495 for groups. Engage for Good members automatically receive a 10% discount.

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