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Cause Partnership Sales Cycle Research


If you need a better method of answering cause partnership sales questions, then it’s time to banish the magic ball.

Instead, shake up your cause marketing with For Momentum’s CAUSE PARTNERSHIP SALES CYCLE RESEARCH.

In this free cause marketing research report, senior nonprofit professionals at distinguished organizations across the United States provide clarity on:

  • The typical time needed to secure different partnerships, including sponsorships, integrated partnerships and employee-directed partnerships
  • The successes and challenges that nonprofits have encountered when securing partners
  • The top factors influencing cause partnership sales decisions, including the objections received

Since its debut at the 2016 Cause Marketing Forum Conference* in Chicago, For Momentum’s Cause Partnership Sales Cycle Research has been published in a number of different ways. All interpretations of the data are available to you as free downloads when you complete the form on this page.

Available versions of the Cause Partnership Sales Cycle Research include:

  • Cause Partnership Sales Cycle Research Full Report (PDF)
  • 2-Page Infographic (PDF)
  • Audio Recording of Mollye Rhea’s Presentation of the Cause Partnership Sales Cycle Research to Australian Corporate Partnerships Group (MP3)

* Cause Marketing Forum is now Engage for Good.

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