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Cause Talk Radio: How National NPOs Can Work Effectively with Field Offices on Corporate Partnerships

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On this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan I talk to Mollye Rhea, President of Atlanta-based For Momentum, on what’s needed for a national corporate partnership to succeed both for the national headquarters and the field offices.

A recent study from For Momentum gathered data on important aspects of the most successful nationwide partnership collaboration across the nonprofit landscape. The findings give nonprofit professionals actionable insights based on data and best practices shared by 50+ leading nonprofits.

On the show, Megan, Mollye and I discuss:

  • Why For Momentum decided to focus on the relationship between national offices and its chapter or field offices.
  • The problem of “National Localitis.”
  • The “Four C’s” that characterize the collaboration between HQ and field offices with regard to corporate partnerships.
  • How national offices generally share revenue with local chapters and the need for clarity and a policy.
  • The research results that surprised Mollye and her team.
  • How national nonprofits and field offices can work together to retain corporate partners.

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