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Fresh Ideas on Evergreen Activations: A Practitioner’s Planning Guide

In 1889, the commissioner of the US Patent Office was quoted as saying “everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Do you ever feel the same way about cause marketing ideas?

How many more ways could there possibly be to raise money through corporate/nonprofit partnerships? And, then, eureka! Another creative, ingenious idea appears and our faith in social impact innovation is restored.

As you enter the traditional Q4 planning season, this free and incredibly practical guide by For Momentum will offer insights and inspiration for bigger, better, more exciting social impact campaigns in 2020 and beyond!

According to For Momentum’s proprietary research, a top factor that leads to the end of corporate/nonprofit partnerships is a lack of fresh ideas. To insure this doesn’t happen to your partnerships, download our new guide full of inspiration to reenergize your cause activations and take your partnership results to new levels.

In this Guide, you will receive:

  • Insights to bolster your fall planning for 2020 growth
  • A curation of clever cause activations to get your creative juices flowing
  • Learn why some initiatives fail and others thrive
  • Be inspired to launch your next winning cause idea

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