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Nonprofit and Corporate Partnership Dynamics Survey: 2020 Induced Shifts and Trends


The unexpected events of 2020 created a great deal of change. Corporations and nonprofit organizations navigated disruption to their respective business models. We were impacted as a community by the clear and compelling need to affect social change and accelerate help to those in need. This combination of factors also impacted Corporate and Nonprofit Partnership Dynamics.

This survey data reveals the shifting partnership dynamics navigated by nonprofit corporate partnership teams. The data addresses changes in revenue, shifts in cause activations, and adjustments to the workload that occurred within development teams last year, and sheds light on restructuring resources and partnership management expectations for 2021.

Data inside:

  • Corporate Partnership Revenue
  • Common Partnership Activations
  • Staffing Levels and Predictions for 2021
  • Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • New Team Resources Provided





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