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Using Digital CSR as an Engine for Recovery and Growth: A How-to Primer in Creating Viral Digital Activations

On Demand Webinar

How can we get more from partnerships and cause marketing campaigns through digital activations? Join us as we explore social campaign opportunities that go beyond Facebook likes, explain how to engage and grow your audience and teach you how you can add value for your partners. Our expert speakers, Angela den Tex and Avi Mayerhoff, will give you the ideas and tools you need to drive more engagement and get the maximum value from your cause campaigns.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to incorporate digital and social strategies into your cause partnerships
  • Ideas to leverage the reach and influence of your audience to promote sharing and amplify participation
  • How to unlock the data that often stays trapped behind the walls of social networks
  • Examples of evergreen digital cause activations in the marketplace you can use as a model
  • Ways to maximize your marketing budget and make your campaign go further



  • Angela den Tex, Chief Operating Officer, Cheerity
  • Avi Mayerhoff, Business Development Manager, For Momentum


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